Scholarships Introduced

I would like to humbly inform You:

With the help of Almighty Allah and with the support of My Honorable Teachers, Family members, Friends & Students, we, the Texas Tech Family were able to bring and offer 5 scholarships for the Graduate Students effective from Fall, 2019. I’m sharing 3 of them as the rest 2 are still under process (in Dept. of Music & Dept. of Philosophy of TTU):

1) Greg Mankiw & Shakil Haider Excellence Fellowship for Macroeconomics Donate

2) Rushda, Haider & Rumana Graduate Fellowship Donate

3) Haider, Zunairah & Kaiser Graduate Fellowship for AAEC Donate

How to Apply:

1) You need to have an Undergraduate degree (Strong Economics, Mathematics, Statistics backgrounds are very important)

2) “Decent GRE and Toefl/IELTS score” is a MUST

3) You 1st Need to be Accepted for your Graduate Study Admission(PhD or MA with thesis) in the Dept. of Applied Economics (AAEC), Texas Tech.


Admission Application :

More Info:

i) The Scholarship receipients will get In State Tuition facilities and Extra USD 1000 (each year, subject to renewal upon progress of study & research) that can help them to ease their financial constraints.

ii) I allowed to put my name on the Scholarship(s) as according to TTU rule, the persons whose name is in the Scholarship Title can never be in the Decision Making or Selection Committee regarding the scholarship(s).