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Name : A S M Shakil Haider (Nickname: Emon)

Age : 31 years

Height : 6'1"

Vocal Specialty : Eastern Classical Vocal Training; Experienced in Classical, Rock, Metal and Folk singing

Instruments : Guitar (Classical, Spanish, Electric), Sarod (Indian Classical Instrument), Bamboo Flute, Esraj (Eastern Classical Instrument)

Band : Flying Roots

Genre : Rock Fusion

Vocal / Instruments : Lead Vocalist, Guitar, Sarod, Esraj

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Band : KalponiK

Genre : Rock

Vocal / Instruments : Lead Vocalist, Composition, Acoustic Guitar

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Acting Profile


We Made Story: 7 episode Short Drama Series "We Made Story" Created Based on my Idea of "Student Initiative Promotion by their Teachers" ( Episode 1 "Nostalgia" is only included with this e-mail.

Stars: Snehashish Aryan, Tamzida Aurin, Rajat Kanungo, Shimul Paul, Naharin Loba, Priyanka Rahman, Moyeed Uddin, Brishty, Samiul Sadi

Director: Tamzida Aurin

Produced by: Dream Weaver

Script: Tamzida Aurin

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Special Guest:

Stars: Jenny, Aly Zaker (Influential Actor and Director, Winner of "Ekushey-Padak" the highest honor to a Bangladeshi Citizen)

Director: Kaushik Sankar Das (Eminent Movie Director, Journalist and Producer of BBC World Services)

Produced by:

Script: Zulfiqar Russel (Writer, Lyricist and Journalist)

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